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Nice to meet you! We are Ed & Kristina, a small agency providing Web Design, Development and Marketing services for Small-Medium Businesses. We specialize in eCommerce websites on Shopify.
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What we do

We build online stores using Shopify, and regular websites using Webflow.
More importantly, we are consultants that can guide you in all Web and eCommerce related issues. Just as you would hire an accountant to manage your company finances, you can rely on us for everything to do with your website.

Shopify Store Setup & Consultation

Launching a brand new store? We help you navigate the minefield. Get it done right.  

Shopify Theme tweaks & custom coding

We can go beyond the options that the Theme gives you. Just with a brief description of your idea.

Moving to Shopify from Wordpress and other platforms

It can be a daunting thing. Don't worry though. We've done this a lot.

Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Lots of traffic but little sales? We can track down the reason.

Paid Advertising (Google & Facebook ads)

Advertising in 2019 can be pretty technical and there is a lot you need to know. Let us be your guide.

What sets us apart

The Japanese word Shokunin [artisan, craftsman] means not only having technical skill, but also implies an attitude and social consciousness... a social obligation to work his best for the general welfare of the people, [an] obligation both material and spiritual.
Toshio Odate

A personal approach

We're a very small team and can offer a more personal service. No support tickets or account managers like at the bigger agencies. The person you are talking to is actually the person doing the work, and just a quick email or phone call away.


We hate careless work. Most websites are littered with basic mistakes making them look and work a lot worse than they could. We make sure that your website will be fast-loading, looks good on any device, and is a pleasure to use.


We understand that your business is about making money, and try to minimize things that don’t achieve that goal. We build websites that are simple, user-friendly, and get sales. We don't waste time on things that aren't the best use of your budget.

Recent projects

What Our Clients Say

Ed and Kristina from Alioned Agency are amazing! They are a dream to work with. They understood my vision, captured it and built me the most wonderful website. It is the first thing my customers comment on, how lovely and easy to navigate my website is. Ed and Kristina are quick to respond and no question was ever too much to ask. They also went above and beyond for me, helping me set up my Facebook and instagram platforms and recommending tools to use which make using all 3 platforms a breeze. I was so blown away with how reasonable their pricing was too, no hidden costs and everything is explained up-front. Do not hesitate to contact Ed and Kristina for all your website and design needs. They are absolutely awesome.

Kelly, Founder and Director

As a small business owner using Shopify, I knew I wanted to work with a small and personal team. This is exactly what Alioned Agency offered me. Ed is seemingly superhuman, not only in his shopify coding skills, but also in his often immediate response times. More, he seems to intuitively know what it is you're trying to accomplish, and then offers his expertise on how to improve things even further. The result, a more customer friendly shopify site, and more sales!

This Marketing Agency is absolute the Number 1. The Results are so fast delivered and with so much love in detail, absolute amazing. You can see immediately that there is a lof of passion in what she is doing. She is really fast and also gives you an overview with all the tasks she has done. I fall in love with your work Kristina, Thank you helping us out. 10 out of 10.

Mithat, Co-Founder

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