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Webflow is our tool of choice for fast & lightweight custom websites.

Using Webflow, we can build you a fully unique website just as quickly as template-based websites, and it’s easy for you to edit by yourself.
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Webflow Design & Development | Alioned Agency

So you need a website? 

Webflow is perfect for small businesses

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Personal Brand or Portfolio

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Local Business Websites

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Creative Services

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Startups or SaaS

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Marketing Landing Pages

A custom designed website allows you to tell your story. You send us your copy and we design around it, enhancing your message with an attractive layout and beautiful visuals.

Our Webflow Design & Development Process

Research & strategy

Goals & Audience

We discuss the goals of the website and who it’s targeted at. To have a clear plan for competitor and customer analysis

Content Hierarchy

You send us your copy and we discuss how best to organize it on the site. The importance of each piece of information, number of pages, etc...

Competitor Analysis

We look at your competitors ąnd discuss with you what they are doing right and wrong. What we can do better and what mistakes we should avoid.

Business History & Personality

If you’re a small business then your personality is a big part of it. Your website needs to reflect that.

Customer Analysis

We create personas of your ideal customers and figure out where they hang out and what they like.

Conversion Flow

We plan out the exact steps a customer will take on your website for your goals (e.g. to buy something or to contact you), and we streamline this process.

Webflow research | Alioned Agency
Webflow design | Alioned Agency



We develop brand colors and fonts, and establish the overall look and feel of your web presence. The only thing we can't provide is your logo.

Navigation UX

We design your header and footer to be user-friendly so people don’t get lost on your website, and can browse without effort.

Interface Design

Our UX, research, and branding combine to make a clean and aesthetically pleasing website.

Collaboration & Revisions

We work with your feedback to go through several rounds of revisions until we reach a perfected result.

Designed in Figma

Figma is all about collaborative design. The project is online and we send you a link so you can see the work in progress at any time. No more sending different version of files!

Modular Design & Style Guides

Our designs come with a framework of rules that you can use to create new pages and sections later on.

Built in Webflow

Focus On Speed & SEO

We always keep SEO and performance in mind. Speed is a huge factor for Google and for a user-friendly website.

Analytics tools

We install and ensure your Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Facebook tracking are all working correctly.

Tools & App Integrations

We connect your favourite marketing automations such as Zapier, email newsletter tools, and other apps.

Easily editable by you

We make it simple for you to make changes to your Webflow site later on, and we teach you how to do that.

Enhanced with Code

We are developers too. We know code and use it to extend the abilities of Webflow.

Cross-browser & Responsive

All of our sites work perfectly across different devices, browsers, and screen sizes.

Webflow Development | Alioned Agency
Webflow site launch | Alioned Agency

Launch & Training

Guided take-off

When it's time to publish your website, we will be ready for any urgent last-minute changes.


We teach you how to use your new Webflow site via video call with screen-sharing.

Ongoing Work

If you need someone to manage your site and make regular changes, we are available at hourly or discounted monthly rates.

We drink for your success!

We open a bottle of wine and toast to your businesses growth and success!

Why do we prefer Webflow?

Webflow SEO
Webflow is Lightweight, Fast & SEO-friendly.

In recent times loading speed has become one of the most important factors for good SEO. Old platforms like Wordpress don’t do so well in this regard. They load lots of random junk. Webflow is a modern platform designed to be lightweight so it’s blazing fast.

Webflow customization
Webflow is fully customizable without being limited by themes or templates.

Using platforms like Wordpress usually means you use some kind of template and you are limited by its structure and overall look. With Webflow, we come up with a look that is totally unique. It is a fully custom website.


We can cater to your budget. Below you can get a rough idea of your projects cost. Please keep in mind that these are not fixed packages, every project is different and you will get an exact quote just for you.

One-page Webflow Website



Perfect for a landing page for a product or personal brand. Great for telling a story in a beautiful way, featuring your work and social links, and finishing with a Call To Action - usually a contact form.

A one page website typically contains:

  • Hero / Intro
  • About Me or Services
  • Portfolio
  • Social Media or Testimonials

  • Contact Form

Ready in around 2 weeks. 

 5-6 Page Webflow Website

5-6 Page


A larger website, best for a local business, tech startup or SaaS product.

A 5-pager website typically has some of the following pages:

  • Home
  • About / Contact
  • Pricing
  • Blog listing & article pages
  • FAQ
  • Privacy & legal pages

This type of project will typically take around 1 month, depending on design complexity.

Webflow Website Support



Webflow allows you to make changes to your website by yourself, but you can also outsource this to us, especially if you regularly run new promotions and need small design tweaks.

  • 2-day turnaround if there is less than an hour of work.
  • Hire us for as little as 10 minutes of work.
  • Support & Advice

Post-launch Services

Shopify Development | Alioned Agency
Post-launch Training

Every one of our setups ends in a 1-hour video training. We share our screen with you and teach you how to make common changes.

Shopify Development | Alioned Agency
Ad-hoc or ongoing work

We are available at hourly or monthly rates if you would like our ongoing help with managing your website or marketing.

Update: We are currently fully booked out and not able to take on new projects.

If you are looking for a Shopify developer, we recommend Storetasker.

Apologies for the inconvenience. Feel free to contact us for any other questions or collaboration.

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