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Pagefly lets you design custom pages in Shopify using a drag-and-drop editor. It's free, but only for one or two custom pages. This is good enough if you just want a custom ‘About Us’ page or homepage. If you need more pages, it starts from $19/month.

Pagefly website

Pagefly on the Shopify App Store

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Disclaimer: We use Pagefly to build some of our clients stores, and we are an official Pagefly Expert agency.

Shopify is great, but it doesn’t let you build your own custom page designs. For that, you need to install a page builder app like Pagefly or Shogun.

What is PageFly?

Pagefly is an easy drag-and-drop page builder for Shopify. It lets you design your own custom pages on Shopify. Its main competitor is Shogun, but unlike Pagefly, Shogun does not have a free plan.

How is Pagefly different from regular Shopify pages?

Shopify pages always look the same. It’s just one specific layout that is included with your Shopify Theme. You can’t drag things around or change the structure of the page much.

Some premium themes like Turbo, Superstore, and Flex, come with one or two custom page templates. But they only let you add or remove certain sections. They don’t give you enough control to design your own pages.

How do you use PageFly?

Pagefly is a Shopify App. Just install it from the Shopify App store, and then go into the app on your store.

First, you choose what page type you want to build. You can choose from a regular page, homepage, product page, blog page, and more.

Next, it has a bunch of starter templates you can choose from. I recommend using them because they save you a lot of time. But you can also start building your page from scratch by dragging and dropping elements onto the page, and then editing their styling options.

The rest of the process is just continuing to drag and drop elements that you need, and then using the sidebar panel to choose backgrounds, colors, spacing, fonts, and other styling options.

Is Pagefly free?

Yes, Pagefly has a free plan that allows you one page of each page type (e.g. one custom homepage, one custom product page, one custom about us page…). It is the only page builder with a free plan.

If you need more pages than that, you probably need one of the paid plans starting from $19/month.

I wrote another article with a more detailed pricing breakdown, and compared it to Shogun and Gempages.

The best landing page builders + pricing breakdowns.

Most page builder apps for Shopify don’t have a free plan at all, and start from around $39/month.

Pagefly starts from $19/month and you can click the following links to get a discount.

Does Pagefly replace your Shopify Theme?

Not quite. You still need to have a theme published. And your header and footer still come from your theme.

Pagefly lets you replace everything in between the header and the footer. Or you can choose to hide the header and footer from your theme.  

You can build a footer easily enough in Pagefly, but you will have a harder time building a proper header.

Can you build a header navigation in Pagefly?

No, I don’t recommend attempting to build a header or navigation in Pagefly.

The header is usually the most complex part of a website, because you have the navigation with a lot of links that need to look different on mobile. e.g. they should collapse into a ‘hamburger’ menu.

You also have a lot of interface items in the header like the cart and customer account buttons. You don’t want this crucial part of the page to look or behave weirdly, so it’s best to keep the default header your theme comes with.

Is Pagefly good for SEO?

It really depends on you and how well you build the page, as well as your design. You can definitely make a great SEO-friendly page with Pagefly. But will you?

This depends on a variety of factors like how many images you have, if you have videos, or animated elements like carousels/sliders. All of these things will affect the page loading speed — which is a big part of SEO.

The other factor will be how good you are with using keywords in various page elements. For example, you need to use alt text on images to describe them, you need to name your images well, you need to use proper heading tags, and write a good meta description. Pagefly will let you do all this.

What other landing page builders are there?

The main competitor of Pagefly is Shogun. It’s a good app, but it’s a bit more expensive. They both do pretty much the same thing. There is also another up-and-coming app called GemPages.

I wrote an article where I compare the pricing plans and features of each of these apps. Click here to read it.

At the end of the day, if your needs are pretty simple, e.g. you just want a custom product page or about page, then it doesn’t really matter which one you choose, as they all work in a similar way and will let you achieve your goal.

I’m a fan of Pagefly though, because of the lower price and 24/7 live chat support. It’s simply the most bang-for-your-buck.

Learn more:

Pagefly website

Pagefly on the Shopify App Store

Pagefly pricing

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