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In the Shopify dashboard, there isn't any display that shows you the total number of products you have in store, or the number of products in each collection. I think this is a pretty important feature, especially in large stores, so I have no idea why Shopify haven't added this yet.

I've seen some people recommend exporting your products to a CSV to check the number - but I think that's way too slow. So here are a few ways to get your product count quickly.

First I'll show you how to check the entire store, and next I'll show you how to check the number of products in each collection.

For small stores with less than 50 products

If you have less than 50 products it's easy. You can just go to admin/products and hit the checkbox for all and it will tell you how many are selected. This is only if all your products fit on this first page.

If your products fit on one page, you can just click the checkbox for all.

But if there are multiple pages of products this won't work. Instead it will just say "select all 50+ products in your store", and it won't tell you how many that is 🤦.

For Large Shopify Stores - Checking How Many Products in Total

So if you have a larger store here is what you do. Simply add this onto the end of your .myshopify.com URL - /admin/products/count.json

This will output a page with the product count. Very convenient isn't it?

My test store has 1241 products

Another way to do it, which is easier to remember is to go to Products > All Products, so that your URL is now showing /admin/products?selectedView=all. Then remove the end part after the question mark, and instead just add /count.json.

Checking how Many Products in a Collection

You can also do the same for collections. It's even simpler.

Go to a collection in your Shopify admin by going to Products > Collections, and then going into a single collection. The URL now should be something like "/admin/collections/270966948036". 

Now just add .json to the end of the URL.

This shows you the collection information in its raw form - as a javascript object. But don't worry, you don't need to understand it all, just look for a line that says products_count. The number after that is the number of products in that collection.

There are 267 products in this collection.

Checking only Available Products

Another common way to check all products in the store is to go through Settings > Sales Channels. This shows you the number of products that are currently available for each sales channel. Available being the key word here.

This can be useful sometimes, but it won't show you products that are unpublished or out of stock. So if you really need to know the total number of products on your store, whether they are available or not, then you need to use the above method of changing the URL with /count.json.

Total Customer count

As a bonus tip, you can use this /count.json trick on customers too, to see the total amount of customers that have ever purchased from you. Just go to /admin/customers/count.json.

I hope this helps you be more efficient with Shopify. If you have any questions please leave a comment.

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