Major changes to the Instagram API mean that the built-in Shopify Instagram feeds will stop working.

The new changes mean that you will now need to use an app to show your Instagram feed on your home page.
So which app should you use?

I tried out 8 of the top rated Instagram apps for the Shopify theme store, and I found only a couple that were acceptable.

My favourite free app is: Covet Pics

It has lots of options for the layout - you can choose the number of images to show, how many images in each row, and how many rows. You can also upgrade to the paid option to link each image to a product page on your site.

The free version of Covet Pics will resize to a narrower layout on mobile, which is why I prefer Covet Pics compared to Instafeed.

Another one I liked is: Instafeed

If you choose Instafeed, I recommend getting their basic plan for $3.99 /month so you can resize the grid for mobile. Otherwise, if you choose to have a single row of 5 images for desktop, then it will be the same on mobile, which will look terrible.

I am not 100% happy with this app because I think that adjusting for mobile is a basic feature that should be free. But if you are ok with paying $3.99 for their basic plan then I think it's pretty good.

Also, Instafeed is very simple and lacks a lot of the features that Covet Pics has.

There are a variety of features that instagram apps provide:

  1. Just an Instagram feed.
  2. A shoppable instagram feed. (clickable dots or links to products)
  3. An Instagram feed with User Generated Content (UGC). This will load images that your customers have uploaded to their instagram.

I was just looking for an app to replace the old instagram feed functionality. So number 1 is the only feature that interested me.

I was also looking for something simple to connect and set up in less than 5 mins. Some apps were great but they provided way too many options and were complicated to use if all you wanted was a simple feed.

In any case, it’s still early days. Shopify had instagram feeds built-in for the past few years, so there hasn’t been much need for instagram apps. I’m hoping that in the next few months, new and better apps will arrive.

A few other notes:

Search for ‘index’ and add the code snippet at the bottom.

I will update this article as more apps come out that solve this issue.

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