Major changes to the Instagram API mean that the built-in Shopify Instagram feeds will stop working.

The new changes mean that you will now need to use an app to show your Instagram feed on your home page.
A couple of my clients have already asked me about this. Which app should you use?

Well I’ll get straight to the point. I tried out 8 of the top rated Instagram apps for the Shopify theme store, and I didn’t really like any of them! There were only a couple that were acceptable.

My favourite free app (for now) is: Covet Pics. However the interface is quite complicated, and the free plan is quite limited.

Another one I really liked (for its simplicity) is Instafeed — Instagram Feed by Mintt Studio and I recommend getting their basic plan for $3.99 /month so you can make adjustments for mobile. I am not 100% happy with it though because I think that adjusting for mobile is a basic feature that should be free. Also it lacks a lot of the customization options that Covet Pics has.

The thing is there are a variety of features that instagram apps provide:

  1. An Instagram feed.
  2. A shoppable instagram feed. (dots or links to products)
  3. An Instagram feed with User Generated Content (UGC).

I was just looking for an app to replace the old instagram feed functionality. So number 1 is the only feature that interested me.

I was also looking for something simple to connect and set up in less than 5 mins. Some apps were great but they provided way too many options and were complicated to use if all you wanted was a simple feed.

In any case, it’s still early days. Shopify had instagram feeds built-in for the past few years, so there hasn’t been much need for instagram apps. I’m hoping that in the next few months, new and better apps will arrive.

A few other notes:

Search for ‘index’ and add the code snippet at the bottom.

I will update this article as more apps come out that solve this issue.

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